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Experian's business credit reports summarize critical information about a company so you can:

  • Decide whether to do business with a company
  • Quickly and intelligently assess the business risk of lower-balance transactions
  • Avoid surprises from current customers when you review them for credit increases
  • Quickly determine whether you can confidently make a credit decision concerning your new customer or if further investigation is needed

The report also helps you:

  • Review your own company's credit file for completeness and accuracy
  • Learn how your company compares with others in your industry
  • Develop a strategy to improve your company's credit standing by examining the strengths and weaknesses of your file

Want to learn more?

BusinessCreditFacts.com is your authoritative source for understanding and learning about the benefits of managing your business credit. It allows you to check your business' credit listing on Experianís Business Credit database and submit correction request forms for any data elements that have recently changed or are listed incorrectly. Additionally, BusinessCreditFacts.com explains the processes that are involved in establishing and building business credit, and provides you with a mechanism to encourage your current suppliers to submit your information to Experian on your behalf.

Visit smartbusinessreports.com for detailed pricing information about the range of business credit reports offered.

Visit BusinessCreditFacts.com to learn about business credit benefits and tips.

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