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Address Update
Get the latest address information instantly.

Address Update puts current addresses from Experian's nationwide, continuously updated database at your fingertips. It's a simple, cost-effective way to get up-to-date information so you can reach your accounts and debtors quickly. Address Update is an excellent alternative to Experian's Social Search product in cases where the Social Security number is not available, but the consumer's name and address is known.

Verify your account information

With Address Update, you can identify name changes, misspelled names and retrieve identifying information on your accounts quickly and easily.

Cut skip tracing costs

Address Update is a low-cost, comprehensive collection tool that provides you with the essential information to track down skip accounts.

Reduce your collection letter return mail costs

Address Update can help you resolve the problem of no forwarding address by providing current deliverable information to you.


Stay in touch with your debtors

Automatically get bestness sort

When multiple addresses, employment, or Social Security numbers are shown for a consumer, the results are returned in best order.

Two report types available

A full and partial report version is available for clients with and without a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) permissible purpose.

Variety of add-on options available

Get up to four additional add-on report options including Fraud Shield, Demographics, Direct Check and Duel reports.

Flexible input and output and access options

A variety of input, output and access options are available including: Internet, teletype, CPU-CPU, and tape-to-tape. Experian can convert input files and output files according to your processing needs.

For more information on Address Update, contact us at 1 888 414 1120.

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