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Collection Report
Maximize your recovery dollars.

Designed with input from collections professionals, Experian's Collection Report gives you the comprehensive information you need to take action when your chances of recovery are highest.

Cut your cost of collections down to size

Avoid the costly process of gathering information on delinquent consumers in a piecemeal fashion with the comprehensive credit and locator information provided on the Collection Report.

New convenient formats

Choose from our standard Collection Report or either of our two new versions. Both feature additional summarized tradeline information to meet your collections needs.

Prioritize your collection efforts

To increase your chances of recovery, you need accurate and organized information to quickly identify, prioritize and take action on derogatory accounts. Only the most current information displays on the report along with:

- Additional address history
- Public record information identifying debtors who have filed for bankruptcy
- Account type and account status information


Fast and efficient collections

Save time with convenient formats

Choose from three format options to identify the information most important to your collection efforts.

Standard Collection Report

Get credit and location information in one consolidated report.

Collections Credit Report

Provides full credit histories on accounts along with an available credit summary band.

Custom Collection Report

Get a comprehensive credit summary with a quick glimpse of the consumer's payment history for fast review and processing.

Extensive address history

Up to 10 other known addresses of the debtor are provided, for further skip tracing efforts.

Additional demographics

Up to three phone numbers, driver's license and homeowner indicator can enhance your locating efforts.

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