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Prospect Triggers
Make credit offers to consumers who are shopping for credit

Dramatically increase response rates to your preapproved credit offers by reaching consumers at the precise time they are shopping for credit. With Experian's Prospect TriggersSM, you can identify opportunities and make firm credit offers to consumers who meet your credit criteria.

Superior data freshness and timely delivery

Prospect Triggers is the first preapproved marketing solution to target consumers nationwide based on their actual credit behavior within the past 24-48 hours and deliver that data daily.

You can make timely credit offers by mail or phone to increase response rates, reduce overall acquisition costs and boost profitability, reaching credit-active consumers before your competitors.

Incorporates your credit criteria

Experian will monitor a prospect list that incorporates your credit criteria. We can generate a prospect list for monitoring using one of the following:

  • Experian’s Extract PlusSM, a comprehensive nationwide database of credit-active consumers

  • Your current prescreen list

  • A prospect list from an outside source

Make the most of a time-sensitive opportunity

When a qualified consumer is actively seeking credit, you need to be there with your marketing message. With Prospect Triggers, you can reach the right people at the right time, bringing a new level of precision and profitability to your credit marketing programs.


Uses new trade and inquiry triggers

Identifies highly responsive, credit-active consumers who are prime candidates for your preapproved offers and notifies you within 24-48 hours when those consumers are seeking credit.

Segments and suppresses less-creditworthy consumers

Use scores and attributes to segment your criteria. Back-end screening helps to eliminate consumers with recent derogatory activity.

A fully compliant process

All triggered consumer names are run through Experian’s pander/opt-out file, and the process fully complies with all Fair Credit Reporting Act and FACT Act requirements.

To find out more about Prospect Triggers, contact your local Experian sales representative or call 1 800 333 4930.

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